• Business Contracts

    Elaboration and commenting of all the types of business contracts, evaluation of existing contractual obligation, its termination, safeguarding, etc.

  • Business relationships

    Providing legal counselling in various areas of production, construction, development, transport or sale and legal assistance related thereto. Providing legal services from creation and enlargement of operation units and branches through the entire scope of supplier-consumer relationship.

  • Law of Business Companies

    Creation of capital – personal business companies (limited liability companies, joint stock companies, limited partnership companies, unlimited liability companies, Societas Europea) including provision and administration of the virtual office.
    Elaboration and preparation of corporate documents for entering changes, deletion of data in the Business Register (e.g. by change of agency (representation through executive officer), transfer of business share or part thereof, change of registered office, enlargement or reduction of scope of business, increase or decrease of the registered capital) using the advanced electronic signature including elaboration of needed documents, deeds and other materials and representation in proceedings before Business Register or Trades Department.
    Providing counselling by company transformation, dissolution of a company without liquidation (merger, division, consolidation) or dissolution of a company with liquidation

  • International Business Law

    Preparation and determination of business contracts with foreign entity in international business.
    In case of dispute, application of secondary juridical acts of the EU law including determination of applicable law and jurisdiction of a court of the EU member country and proposal for resolution thereof.

  • Collection and administration of claims

    Administration of claims including judicial, non-judicial and execution enforcement of claims and regular monitoring of business partners in Commercial Journal and other publicly accessible registers

  • Law of Securities

    Elaboration and preparation of documents for transfer of shares, establishment of lien, etc. including representation before Central Securities Depository of the Slovak Republic.

  • Legal counselling for small and medium enterprises

    Ensuring flow of standard legal tailor-made agenda prepared after considering specific needs of an entrepreneur.

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