Law firm Brázdil & Brázdilová

within the meaning of Section 6 of Act No. 136/2010 Coll. on Services at Internal Market, Section 1c, Section 18 (4) of Act No. 586/2003 Coll. on Advocacy, Section 18 of Decree No. 655/2004 Coll. on Remuneration and Compensation for Attorneys for providing legal services General information of law firm Brázdil&Brázdilová with the registered office at Trhová 992/1, Zvolen, 960 01, Company Identification Number (IČO): 50492934, Tax ID Number of the Company (DIČ): 2120347361, VAT ID Number (IČ DPH):SK2120347361, registered in the Business Register of the District Court BanskáBystrica, Section Sro, File No. 30402/S. Members and members of statutory body: JUDr. DášaBrázdilová, attorney and JUDr. LukášBrázdil, LL.M., attorney. Cooperating attorneys: JUDr. JozefBrázdil, attorney and JUDr. Jana Biroščáková, attorney JUDr. Dáša Brázdilová, attorney, member of the Slovak Bar Association registered in the Register of Attorneys administered by the Slovak Bar Association under No. 0013; academic title JUDr. acquired in the Slovak Republic JUDr. Lukáš Brázdil, LLM, attorney, member of the Slovak Bar Association registered in the Register of Attorneys administered by the Slovak Bar Association under No. 6322; academic title JUDr. acquired in the Slovak Republic, academic title LL.M. acquired in the Great Britain. JUDr. JozefBrázdil, attorney, member of the Slovak Bar Association registered in the Register of Attorneys administered by the Slovak Bar Association under No. 0010; academic title JUDr. acquired in the Slovak Republic. JUDr. Jana Biroščáková, attorney, member of the Slovak Bar Association registered in the Register of Attorneys administered by the Slovak Bar Association under No. 2118; academic title JUDr. acquired in the Slovak Republic. Contact: tel: +421/ 45 5333 722; fax: +421/ 45 5333 722 e-mail:; 

General Terms of providing legal assistance by an attorney

Attorney and lawyer helps to assert constitutional right of individuals to defence and protect other rights and interests of individuals and legal entities in compliance with the Constitution of the Slovak Republic, constitutional laws, laws and other generally binding legal regulations at her/his discretion and clients’ orders. Realisation of legal profession: representation of clients in the proceedings before courts, public authorities and other legal bodies, defence counsel in the criminal proceedings, providing legal counselling, writing deeds on juridical acts, processing legal analyses, administration of clients’ assets and other forms of legal counselling and legal assistance if provided constantly and for the remuneration. By the realisation of legal profession, the attorney is obliged to protect and assert interests of a client and follow client’s instructions. Attorney may be represented by another attorney or junior attorney; however s/he is liable for the damage caused to a client. Attorney is obliged to maintain confidentiality of all the facts s/he become familiar with by the execution of the legal profession. Within the meaning of Section 15 (1) of Act No. 586/2003 Coll. on Advocacy: “Attorneys may create limited liability company to realise legal profession. Provisioning of legal services is the scope of business of such a company. This limited liability company must not have other scope of business, only attorneys may be its executive officers and it must be covered by a Professional Indemnity Insurance with the minimal limit of benefits amounting to EUR 1,500,000.00 for each member. Only an attorney may be a member of the limited liability company.”

More detailed information related to the execution of legal profession may be obtained at the Slovak Bar Association, Kolárska 4, 813 42 Bratislava. Execution of legal profession is governed by several legal regulations – Act on Advocacy No. 586/2003 Coll., Decree of the Ministry of Justice of the Slovak Republic No. 655/2004 Coll. on Remunerations and Compensations of Attorneys for Providing Legal Services, Act on Services at Internal Market No. 136/2010 Coll., Code of Attorneys, etc.

Remuneration for provided legal services

Based on a contract on providing legal assistance, attorney undertakes to provide legal assistance to a client and legal services in a legal matter within the meaning of a contract on providing legal assistance and client undertakes to pay remuneration to an attorney for this activity in the amount and in the method pursuant to respective provisions of the contract. Attorney provides legal services for remuneration while s/he is entitled to compensation of real expenditures as well as compensation for the time lost. Adequate advance payment may be asked by the attorney for providing legal services. Real expenditures: travel costs, postage, translations, transcripts (duplicates), telecommunication costs. Attorney is entitled to the compensation for the time lost and travel costs for the time spent by travelling to a place of execution of juridical acts.

Method of determination of attorney’s remuneration

Within the meaning of a contract on providing legal services, attorney may agree on the amount and method of the contractual remuneration that shall be determined: a) pursuant to the number of hours spent to accomplish the matters – hourly remuneration (fee) b) flat rate amount – flat rate remuneration (fee) c) share in the value of things – contingency fee (pactum de quota litis) d) tariff remuneration (fee). The above stated methods of determination of the contractual remuneration may be combined.

Legal assistance acts:

takeover and preparation of representation or defence including first consultation with a client; written filing to a court or another body on the merits; participation in investigative actions, in making familiar with the results of investigation, searching or for acting before court or another body; in the proceeding on agreement of guilt and punishment; in the proceeding on reconciliation; elaboration of legal analysis of a matter; motion for a re-opening of a case; appeal; appellate review; extraordinary appellate review; inducement to submit a complaint for the breach of law; elaboration of a deed on juridical act or its substantial revision; negotiation with an adverse party; motion for preliminary measure; motion to safeguard an evidence or decedent’s estate; complaint  

Professional Indemnity Insurance

Law firm Brázdil & Brázdilová is covered by the Professional Indemnity Insurance in the insurance company Wüstenrot (for providing legal assistance pursuant to the Slovak law and European Union law). The insurance is related to the insurance events caused and damage incurred at the territory of the Slovak Republic and European Union.